lana Shetland

Shetland wool, a versatile yarn

“Shetland Wool, taking all its properties together, is perhaps the completest article of the kind in the universe, possessing at the same time, the gloss and softness of silk, the strength of cotton, the whiteness of linen, and the warmth of wool.”

This is how Sir John Sinclair described Shetland wool in 1790. Few words that are enough to tell the features of this extraordinary fabric. Shetland wool has a British look that allows to create distinct and slightly vintage suits.
It is a carded textile made only of Shetland sheep wool. It seems that this sheep that originated in Scandinavia was brought to Shetland Islands by the Vikings when they arrived there more than a thousand years ago.

Comfortable and warm, this high quality Scottish fabric looks thick and fine, perfect to make warm winter/fall man jackets.
This valuable yarn is obtained from Shetland sheep that live in the cold environment of north Scotland. The fleece can have an extraordinary variety of colours and shades, 11 primary hues and 30 secondary shades such as silver grey, black and reddish brown. Because of this amazing natural feature sometimes there is no need to dye, therefore the fabric remains even softer.
It is a very valuable wool: strong, long lasting and absolutely versatile. At first sight, the main feature of real Shetland wool is the blending of thick and very fine fibres and long and short ones. When you touch it is actually softer and silkier than it looks to be.

It is the tailor who completely transforms it. It can reveal a sporty side, a rougher look or an elegant and fine outline. Shetland wool gives its best in suit with a dandy cut, that fit the modern man who can appreciate this unique and versatile fabric.