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Winter Wedding, the groom suit

sposoWith the cold season the possible range of groom suits changes. Elegance, sophistication and originality are the main ingredients to create the suit to wear one of the most important day in a man’s life.

Every detail is worth to be prepared even more attentively. Every part must be even more perfect. Fabric, cut and model must flawlessly express the personality of the groom to avoid making him look ‘stiff’.

The most prestigious textiles must be used and it is possible to choose among the best kinds of wools. The noble Tasmania merino wools are perfect for groom winter suits. These wools are obtained from the best Australian merino sheep, they mould to the body in a unique way without making it difficult to move. Furthermore, it is excellent at regulating body temperature keeping an ideal warmth without overheating the wearer. The ideal weight of the Tasmania merino wool for wintertime should be more than 270 grams.

As far as the model is concerned, for the wedding day the fine garment par excellence is doubtless the morning dress. It is a formal piece of clothing expressing evergreen exclusiveness and elegance. The morning suit consists of three pieces. The typical morning coat tapers on the front and its defining feature is the rounded, cut away skirt reaching down to the calf, it has only one button. You should wear it before 6:00 p.m.

In case of elegant but plainer ceremonies, the ideal choice is a lounge suit. The main difference is the lack of tails in the morning coat. Moreover, you mustn’t wear gloves and top hat.

To the groom who wants to wear different models we recommend two buttons, single-breasted suits with peaked lapels, without side vents and with no turn ups at the bottom of the trousers. As for the colour we suggest the absolutely elegant dark blue or the timeless grey.

Anyway, is the making of the suit that makes the difference. The scrupulous attention to detail gives to the suit a personality.

As to the accessories, the groom must consider the season. He will need an overcoat, which he will take off during the celebration of the rite.

Moreover, the groom shouldn’t wear any jewels. Only exceptions are tie stick pins, cufflinks for French cuffs and watches, however it must be ‘concealed’ by the cuff of the shirt.

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