blazer vet

The blazer, fashion icons of men’s style

The blazer is a very versatile men’s clothing. Style icon, it can be easily adapted to both informal settings that some business situations not too stiff.

This single or double-breasted blazer leaves much room for personal interpretation and for the creativity of the wearer. Often characterized by bright colours and light cloths, can be combined with trousers in contrasting colours and enriched with details very personal.

Its origins date back to the uniforms of the British private schools, universities and sports clubs. The buttons are made of nacre, silver or brass, reported the emblem of the school or club. A garment, then, that since the dawn has distinguished itself for its personal  and gentlemen features.

The blazer is the garment more than any other can be reinterpreted. For those who want a more casual look, you can opt for a clothing with jeans, loafers or boat shoes.

Despite the endless combinations, it is a garment that gives the maximum only if suitable on the needs of the wearer, following perfectly his figures.

Only a tailor-made blazer can really appreciate those who choose it. In addition, its extremely personal nature can only be satisfied by a symbiotic job between the tailor and the wearer.

The choice to personalize this garment is endless. By the combinations of cloths to colours, the blazer leaves many possibilities to creativity.