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Gianni Agnelli, a style icon who changed the rules

Ties waving out of the pullover, suede hiking boots even with formal outfit, quilted jacket over the blazer, shirts with unbuttoned button-down collar, watch always over the cuff of the shirt. Gianni Agnelli was a great style icon, symbol of elegance and changed fashion rules creating a personal style made of an intriguing mix of boldness and flair for elegance.

Bravery and strong personality made his style so unique that it was celebrated in a picture of Andy Warhol.

Over the years L’Avvocato became the symbol of an educated and original elegance because he created a personal style going beyond time and fashion, just like a real “arbiter elegantiae”.

For many years Gianni Agnelli demonstrated what style should be. He neither followed the rules nor accepted general canons and standards. Style is supposed to tell the world the way you want to be known. Your clothes have to meet the needs of the wearer who creates his personal style. Clothes you choose convey real elegance, chiefly made of gesture and manners. Natural confidence and elegance complete what style is.

Gianni Agnelli’s style respected perfectly his spontaneous way of life, not eccentric but unique. His suits met all his style needs and were always bespoke light-coloured. He preferred grey for day wear and blue with wide lapels for evening wear. Most of his choices broke the rules of fashion and were inspired by the need for comfort and ease.

For instance the jeans he wore with a blue blazer, that has become a must for informal occasions; or quilted jackets over suits.

His style conveyed the idea of his personality, elegance, good taste and his being a bit dandy. He never looked contrived or laboured His secret was the awareness of what he wanted and did not want and the ability to adapt it to himself.

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