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Crimi’s tailoring and its style in the prestigious magazine “Gentleman”

In the issue of June of the magazine ‘Gentleman‘ there are two whole pages about Crimi’s Tailor’s Shop. This makes us very proud of our workshop, which aims to show the world the tailor tradition of our land.

We have had the privilege to express the Sicilian style especially the one from Palermo as we love it. Our choices have always been nonconformist because we wanted to join two worlds, the Sicilian tradition and the English dandy style.

Innovation and tradition coexist in our creations that have an unique Mediterranean and British style we love to consider timeless.

Our land is very important in our models. Because it is where every garment finds its roots and its raison d’etre. Through our work we try to make these roots clear and we are pleased that is becoming our main feature.

Our shop has brought al little bit of Sicily around the world since 1969, when it was founded by the master Carmelo Crimi; this business has transformed rich and interesting history and culture of this land into fabrics and textiles beloved by all who know them.

From United Kingdom to Germany, from the United States to Japan we have always wanted the ‘made in Italy’ brand to become our main strength.

The Sicilian style is different from other south tailoring because it traces its origin back to the nineteenth and twentieth century, particularly in the period of the Florios, when there were many great English families in Sicily. The outgoing Mediterranean tradition and the British grace are blended together to create a unique style that mixes a sharp outline with Sicilian colours and spontaneity.

As we told the editorial staff of ‘Gentleman‘ we play a game that aims to the enhancement of Sicily. We start from the strengths of this territory and from good quality with respect for handicraft that is the outcome of a tradition that has been passed down from father to son.

Every new generation inherits a huge treasure of knowledge, work and effort. From father to son, from Carmelo to Mauro Crimi, our tailor tradition becomes richer and richer with new ideas, new influences keeping a strong connection with the origins and roots of our land.