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Craft 2.0: Ancient knowledge and new technologies

Not only folk memory. Nowadays, craft is a very important resource for the future. What we do in our tailoring house makes us more and more aware that craft can give new and flourish perspectives.

The history of our tailoring house tells a story about a trade whose secrets are closely kept and passed down from generation to generation to those who is ready to “get their hands dirty” with sacrifice and passion to discover again the ancient knowledge.

In handicraft work body and mind untiring collaborate to achieve an aim, to make real what a few moments before was only an idea, what a few instants before was only a mind product.

The hand of the craftsman is never guided by automatic actions. Through every movement the tailor-craftsman conveys his thinking, his ancient knowledge, the experience of years of work and the passion for his job.

The world of the workshop is never dull. There is always something new, incentives, influences and nowadays, even if they maintain their handicraft essence and their bond with tradition, workshops have a new vision open to new technologies and high-tech.

Discover again the past making it modern has always been one of the aims of the biggest craftsmen and this is also our trend, the future we want for our tailoring house.

Our work ought not to be a memory of the past, but it should express its time and make it unique and original thanks to a handicraft work that keeps up with the times.

The workshop is an opposite trend, it is a choice made by those who want an activity that enhances the values of quality and time, necessary ingredients of every handicraft.

The creation of an unique product, original and unreproducible, in which every detail is carefully adapted to the real needs of the client.

Far from the industrial standardization, the handicraft process begins with the man and his uniqueness. A vision that can harmonize with new technologies that do not replace man’s thinking, but are used and shaped in order to satisfy his needs.

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