The pocket square, detector accessory of style and creative estro

The pocket square is forcefully returned to peep in men’s fashion. It is also very appreciated by younger people who reinterpret giving new vigor.

It is an accessory that allows man to show his creativity and his elegance. Nothing like the pocket square reveals the taste and the ability to customize their own clothes with elegance as this accessory. For the Sartoria Crimi the pocket square is a distinctive feature, an inevitable element in the male wardrobe.

The rules regarding its use are many, but all can be subverted if you have good taste because the pocket square is that “something” rebel who can defuse even the most austere suit. The way it goes, it bends and you are wearing does not condone any improvisation. It can take whenever you are wearing a jacket, regardless of whether it is a suit, a mismatched (the art of contrasting jackets and trousers) or even a sports jacket or blazer, even worn with a pair of jeans.

It does not matter if you wear a tie. Pocket square and tie have no connection, except for performing the color contrasts. The pocket square pocket live independently, complements and enhances the suit regardless of the tie.

In summer season can even represent a valid alternative to the latter, also giving a touch of style and elegance to what you are wearing. If you are wearing a formal dark suit is preferably white, or green light to cloths, colors and designs.

You might think that it is necessary to match the pocket square to the colors of the suit, while remaining as faithful as possible, but, in the presence of good taste, you can also play with contrasts. The pocket square is an accessory that denotes personality. Precisely for this reason, match it to a tie is considered somewhat boring, predictable and nothing for a refined touch. To make interesting this simple hemmed square of cloth is his great contribution that can give color to any outfit.

Go ahead and then the trial. You can draw inspiration from art, nature and the own visions of color.

That of matching is a very personal rule, which requires a small amount of courage, confidence and above all elegance. This is the only rule required to wear this irreplaceable accessory.

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