The unchanging charm of English cloths

English cloths : ancient traditions to new influences

Our English cloths have a noble long-standing tradition. They are cloths that tell ancient stories , preserving the “gentleman style” typical of the environments in which they were born. It is extremely flexible and contemporary yarns . Far from the austerity of colours like gray and black, they are dyed a colour, making present their concept of wearability. The core of these cloths, so elegantly distinct, lets you give new life to vintage cloths, suitable even for the youngest , for which the making of tailored suits is becoming a new requirement.

Among these noble cloths, tweed has been perhaps the most reworked. Born and worked especially among Scottish Highlands , is a woollen cloths by solid consistency able to ensure a long-lasting.
The traditional yarns were particularly grays and blacks and the pattern most used was the herringbone , from which comes even its name.
Innumerable are the varieties. The harris tweed is perhaps the most common. His label was synonymous with great quality and refinement. The pure virgin wool was carded , woven , spun and hand-dyed with vegetable dyes. Today it is produced in many colours and patterns , such as the famous houndstooth, the checked and the overchecked, never losing its original elegance.
Among the English cloths how not to mention the famous Prince of Wales (Glen Urquhart Plaid). Its origin is attributed to the Duke of Windsor, Prince of Wales, a lover of dandy style .
Its special design reproduces large square windows in which checkered patterns alternate with houndstooth. Used for the suits of the heirs to the throne, today the suit has turned into a must-have. The yarns used were usually only whites and blacks, whites and browns or grays.
Today, thanks to the addition of other colours, it is possible to make fashionable this classic garment , keeping intact its dandy taste.
Many other cloths are used in our workroom, including the evocative Birdseye, which , due to its effect of colour irregularities, creates a pattern that remind  a  small bird’s eye, the grisaille is an authentic standard for formal suit which produces a canvas effect, or still the Scottish jackets in pure cashmere.
The whole adapted to revive ancient traditions in innovative way , while assuring elegance and style unchanging over time.


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