glisaglia tessuto

Sharkskin, an undisputed elegance standard

A wool or cotton combed fabric warp-faced twill, the alternation of dark and light thread in the sharkskin creates an elegant and refined diagonal pattern and grey is the perfect colour.

It is an undisputed standard for formal day time suits, sharkskin, called grisaglia in Italy and grisaille in France the word comes from the French gris that means ‘grey’, creates a shimmering look making it the perfect formalwear attire. In fact, who chooses the elegance of this fabric is a real aesthete. A tailoring house that creates bespoke suits has to give it a place of honour to create valuable tailor-made garments. Thanks to the high quality threads that create the typical soft texture and two-toned woven appearance, it is very versatile, comfortable and long-lasting, assured both by the quality of the fabric and by the confident mastery of sartorial work.

The art of clothing and the art of painting meet with class and style. Once clerks’ and officers’ favourite fabric, sharkskin weighted from 300 to 500 grams, but lately it has become much lighter in order to be easier to wear, so it can weight only 260 grams now and be used from April to October.

A curiosity about the French name grisaille that comes from gris that means ‘grey’: it also indicates a painting executed entirely in shades of grey or of another neutral greyish colour.
It a fabric for all seasons, because it can be made of wool or cotton, since the sixties it has stood out as the formal suit par excellence. Particularly good matching for this cloth are in general bright colours contrasting with its typical grey or blue. Therefore, it is perfect with bright maroon or green silk ties with small patterns, dark green or maroon socks or with a light blue and white striped shirt and red tie with small grey or light blue pattern. The classic sky-blue shirt with light blue tie is still an ideal match, completed by dark brown or black shoes.

Sophisticated but tasteful, it is a versatile and comfortable garment for a successful wardrobe, perfect both for business and posh attire. Sharkskin conveys a sense of great refinement that makes it become a way of life more than just a fabric, in which details are entwined. It is an evergreen for those who want to stand out.
Never dull or excessive it is always easy to wear and can be useful in many occasions.

Even if nowadays a man is not requested anymore to change thrice a day to be perfect for every occasion, however sharkskin still stands out for its elegance.
A basic garment that should be in the wardrobe of real connoisseurs.

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