pantaloni sartoriali

Sartorial trousers, a garment to be made with great accuracy and care

Sartorial suits mold perfectly to the shape of the body enhancing it very well. The savvy of the tailor can create a suit that represents completely the style you want to show to the world. Often, though, jackets take priority and the key role of sartorial trousers is underestimated, nevertheless they are quite difficult to be sewn.

The quality and style of sartorial trousers are much higher than industrial ones, so that they can be personalized and last longer, remaining unaltered throughout the years.

Cut has to be very neat and seams absolutely strong. This features can be ensured only by the best sartorial traditions that create every detail with great attention and care.

Far from the industrial way in which man must adapt to a model, sartorial trousers are molded on the body of the wearer for comfortable movements and long lasting.

Thanks to the savvy hands of an expert tailor every detail of this garment perfectly molds to the shape of the body and completes the attire in a very comfortable and easy way.

The sartorial work allows infinite possibilities to personalize your garment. A lot of small details such as waistline position, one or more tucks for each side, the precise trousers length, the crotch length and the trouser bottom width are adapted to the needs of the wearer in order to obtain a better wearability.

A large number of people pay more attention to the jacket, but only few are aware that if the trousers do not match with the jacket, even a perfect one, the whole suit will be ruined.

As well as jackets also trousers good shape depends on all the steps of the work: from the choice of the fabric and of the model, to the meetings with the customer, from the traditional tailoring techniques to the innovative attitude.

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