sartoria crimi

Sartorial tourism, international clients searching for uniqueness

Since 1970 the history of our tailoring house has been linked with Sicily and its influences. The choice of Palermo to start Crimi Tailoring was not random. Palermo and Sicily are an important source of ideas, an extremely creative place that keeps providing new ideas and incentives.

Thanks to its history Palermo is a melting pot of cultures. Different dominations and peoples arrived in Sicily through the centuries and left their mark on the history and art of the city.

In all the suits we make is visible a style that is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean culture in a unique way. In particular, our tailoring style draws strength from the Mediterranean culture with English influences. In fact, the most outstanding tailoring houses were started in the Art Nouveau period. They had a unique style. It was a continuous exchange between tradition and innovation, innovation brought mainly by the great English tailors.

This unique mix of Mediterranean and British style is the strength of our tailoring and attracts international and demanding clients. We are proud of the great number of national and international awards that recognize the quality of our work.

Sartorial tourism is growing more and more in our tailoring house. A growing number of ‘special tourists’ come to Palermo to visit our ‘workshop’. This is a great source of pride for us and makes us proud of our unique tailoring style.

A great number of our clients come from very far away to have one of our suits. They choose sartorial quality and a precise style, unique because it combines British and Mediterranean style.

Our international gests want suits not only made with the best handicraft skills and the best fabrics, but also want it to tell a story, to convey the sense of a unique charm.

Sartorial suits always have a soul that has a double nature: it is a handicraft product and a storytelling tool, what makes it unique. People choose sartorial tourism because they love handicraft and uniqueness. They do it because they know that an entirely handmade suit is more than just a well done technical work. It is the result of savvy, experience, tradition, culture, love, passion and devotion to work.

You can sense a marked difference in the making between handicraft and mechanical series production. A tailoring house is welcoming, cosy, familiar and has a story to tell. Our international clients do not want only the bespoke suit. They also want to visit our tailoring house and discover the place where material, influences, charm and ideas are woven together.

Our client want to discover the story behind the making of a suit and, in our tailoring house, they the history of the city that inspires our international creations.

Our foreign clients are usually expert and demanding that choose a priori the workshop where they want their bespoke suit to be made. In sartorial tourism the purchase is never accidental.

Our international clients understand how is made a bespoke suit and deeply respect it.

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