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Telling abroad about the Made in Sicily: the story of an old sicilian tailoring

The duty to report often requires us to talk about unemployment, companies in crisis, entrepreneurs forced to go abroad. That’s about Sartoria Crimi, however, is the story of a company, or rather, a shop that defies the crisis thanks to the tradition and bonding with his land.


Waiting in the workshop in via Civiletti we find Carmelo Crimi, founder of tailoring, and his son Mauro, a young tailor who made ​​his hobby into a business. Carmelo Crimi has grown through the shops of the most famous Italian tailors, who stole many secrets which he then sent to his son. Mauro grew up in the family workshop “playing with cloths, touching, at the beginning, without much awareness,” as he likes to say.

The awareness came a little later, after the teenage years, when it developed a different “feeling of beauty” that led him to become passionate about the fashion world.
Mauro loves to define himself a craftsman and it is precisely this aspect of the main key to success. They dressed politicians, well-known entrepreneurs, artists and personalities from the world of entertainment, including Franco Califano, Brigitta Ringlet, Christian De Sica, and many others.

For more than forty years creating high-quality tailored suits, made ​​entirely by hand in each step. Within a few years they have become a flag of Italian products abroad, especially in Japan, a market very attentive to the style and the world of craft.

crimi2“We try to bring around the world – tells Mauro Crimi – our style Made in Sicily. We experienced a unique style that reinterprets the Anglo-Saxon style, somewhat dandy, but in  Mediterranean vein.”
In addition to the Japanese market, they have become attractive for northern Europe, Lebanon, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

That’s about Sartoria Crimi is a small rebellion. In a world increasingly aimed to the mechanization and the production in series, they propose the value of manual. “We use – continues Crimi – traditional tools, treadle sewing machine, needle and thread and cloths 100% natural to creating clothes with a contemporary line. The true essence of our work is the synergy of two generations, mine and that of my father, who meet and work together to create a style that is renewed by maintaining the value of tradition”.

As for their consider themselves craftsmen, tells us: “The craftsmanship is an extremely qualifying activity. Thanks manual skill does not pass only the action, but also your thoughts and your ideas. It is a true exercise of life”.

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