Not only men’s fashion. Women’s suits and tuxedo jackets

The Sartoria Crimi also designs and manufactures women’s suits and tuxedo jackets

Our customers are mostly career women, who face the world and the daily challenges with great determination and strength.

Our creations for them reserved express this way of being, emphasizing rigor and determination, without having to give up the femininity of the garment.

The women’s suit, in particular, is commonly considered the alternative to the business men’s suit.

It should be noted like a timeless must have, mainly used in the workplace, but that often is revisited for leisure time.

The power dressing born in the 80s and represented a new way for women to stand before the world of work. In no time, thanks to its simplicity, elegance and strength have been a real form of Empowerement.

Even today it is considered to be the ideal dress code for a dynamic and career woman. The strict and clean lines of our suits and our tuxedos bringing to the surface new and more conscious femininity.

Dynamism, determination and resolve are expressed by smooth and sharp cut of our garments. A fashion that takes inspiration even from men’s business suit, but that does not spoil the femininity of the woman wearing it.

Performative and expressive garments, that tell everything also in the care of every detail that distinguishes all our creations.

The design of the garment is made in sync with the needs of our customers in order to achieve a garment that fits perfectly to the body of the person who will wear and the image that want to give of oneself through the clothes.

All of this is highlighted in the choice of cloths. We choose the most noble cloths, 100% natural, including those that we privilege: the lightweight Tasmanie, Silk and Shantung.

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