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Made in Sicily and innovation, a lasting bond

The history of Crimi’s tailor’s shop is closely connected to Sicily. It is the source of its lifeblood and nourishment.

Made in Sicily” is not a “trend of the moment” to us, but rather the real essence of our work. Therefore, as our land, we embrace different influences and reinterpret them in an unique way.

Sicily, cradle of Mediterranean, is the outcome of the influences of different peoples which have left an everlasting trace in history, architecture and art of the cities. Our land has never been an inactive gathering place for other cultures, it rather has blended them into an original combination that made it worthy of its magnificent past.

Our tailor’s shop, arising from and inspired by this fine tradition, carries on with a history made of Mediterranean culture and other influences, such as the English one. During the Art Nouveau period the most important tailor’s shops for man emerged in Palermo and they based their style on an ongoing exchange between tradition and innovation, thanks to the relationship with the greatest English tailors.

Master Carmelo Crimi, founder of Crimi’s tailor’s shop, was born in a tailor family that worked during the golden age of the “Florio” family. This is the root of our unique style, a perfect blend of Mediterranean style and British features. Thanks to this strong bond with our land we can attract an international clientele, coming from very far away by plane, such as our Japanese customers.

Our suits are not a gathering of cloth. They are the result of manual dexterity and experience of the best tailor tradition and, moreover, the outcome of the history of our land and of our family.

Our foreign clientele wants to know also this side of our activity and understand what guides the hands that are going to make an unique product for them. It is not the industrial process of a cold machine, but the soul of a personal, family and territorial history which is conveyed to the cloth.

Our customers come to the shop, caressing those ancient tools of the trade that tell different tales linked to the same origin.

We do not offer only garment, we convey what is behind the creation of a suit that has to express the style of the man who is going to wear it, but that is also full of the spirit of the tailor who shapes it all along.

It is a creative process that begins before the cloth. It begins in the mind of those who conceive it, in the heart of those who tell an ancient story and a dear tradition and in the hands of those who this art has been taught patiently.

Our customers understand all this and are enchanted by it because they are fully aware of the historical and cultural importance of our land. What amazes and makes us pride is the respect that most of our customers, when they come to our city, accord to our tradition.