The tailored suit between aesthetics and craftsmanship. Soul against mass production

The tailored suit is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Immediately evokes the atmosphere of bygone times , while boosting the image of a man who combines the know-how to taste.

The tailoring craft still maintains that taste, so far from the world of mass production. The tailor still keeps the secrets of an ancient tradition that has been handed down from decade to decade.

The techniques, tools and utensils are very often the same ones used by old masters tailors. In high fashion tailoring time takes on value.

A good tailor should be familiar with its customer. Must interpret the tastes, understand their needs and shape on these a tailored suit. A significant reversal of the world of fast fashion. A tailored suit needs time, goes beyond the logic of the approval.

The success of a tailored suit is the attention paid to every small detail, which remains unique and inimitable. The dress slowly takes shape in the hands of his craft. The creative process is not marked by cold machines, but it all takes shape thanks to the expert hands of the tailor. They live garments, that tell a story since their birth. Every creative process is unique and original. They are the cloths that should be modeled, molded and adapted to the shape of the body and not the opposite, as we are used to seeing.

The tailored suit continues to live and tell new stories even after its completion. It lives on the body of the wearer, turns and changes with him.

The tailored suit is a small form of rebellion against the logic of throwaway. A tailor made garment will last many years. The quality of its materials, its workmanship and attention to detail will make it extremely durable.

His connection with the artisanal world with traditional tailoring should not lead to a universe stale. The tailor lives and knows his time. Our tailoring is still using the old techniques that have made famous the Italian tailoring and in particular that of Sicily, combined with innovation. The biggest challenge is just to combine tradition, reworking it and renewing it.

Classic taste and innovation coexist seamlessly into couture creations.

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