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Crimi tailoring house at the event “Innovative ideas, opportunities, business success”

Tradition, handicraft and made in Sicily have always been the vibrant soul of our tailoring work. These three are the main cornerstones on which we build our business in Sicily.

This is what we wanted to tell to hundreds of students and listeners who took part to the event “Innovative ideas, opportunities, business success” on 7th May 2016 at 9.30 in the main lecture hall of the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo in viale delle Scienze, 7.

Crimi tailoring house has been chosen to take part to the event that is one of the 210 happenings organised for the 210th anniversary from the Foundation of the University of Palermo with the collaboration of the sociocultural organization “Prospettiva Futura” and of the Archdiocese of Palermo with the aim of sharing innovative ideas of outstanding Sicilian entrepreneurs, who create a synergy between land and business.

After the important award for our tailoring house that has been included in the list of the Italian excellence top 100, this event makes us proud to be once again the handicraft face of made in Sicily.

At the meeting there was Prof. Fabrizio Micari Rector of the University of Palermo; Prof. Maurizio Carta, President of the Polytechnic School; professors Marcantonio Ruisi and Umberto La Commare that inside the university institution manage start-up innovation, spin-off promotion and business creation. Coordinator Alessandra Iannì, president of “Prospettiva Futura”.

Tradition and innovation are deeply joined together in our tailoring because we want to convey our idea of handicraft and, above all, the strong bond with our land. Made in Sicily is one of our main features, a way to enhance our land through our work.

Our tailoring house has a history made of great passion and an absolutely trendy choice. Even when everything tended to the most modern manufacturing, we decided to stick to our handicraft idea and, above all, we did not want to break the bond with our land.

We have chosen to keep on doing business in Sicily and on rendering made in Sicily our distinguishing feature. Sicilian tailoring is characterized by soft garments and fine shapes, but also with some influences of British tailoring adapted to our unique and original way.

The bond with our land and with the handicraft ways have never been a limit, but rather the reason why our international clients choose us and come to Palermo from far away, spending a lot of time on a plane, like our Japanese clients do.

Behind the suits we create there is more than only technique, there is an idea, a family history and a bond with past traditions.

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