soprabito vet

The coat, an outstanding garment

The coat has a role of primary importance in man clothing. Except during summer, the coat is in plain sight throughout the whole year. Short- or long-cut, made of light or thick textile, in solid colour or pattern, the quality of the coat makes a difference.


Plenty of models you can choose. From classic models suitable for formal contexts to casual ones that clearly highlight the personality of the man wearing it. Such a visible and fundamental garment cannot be mass-produced in order to meet clients’ requirements. Who wears it is supposed to feel the coat as a “second skin” perfectly allowing any movement.


The coat is not a burden you bring with you, but a touch of style for your attire. Textiles must be moulded, contoured and adapted to the body shape. The main feature of our coats is the lightness. We use also middle weight textiles for the temperate Mediterranean climate that have a unique wearability.


Generally young people consider coats “too classic” and avoid wearing them. Yet we renewed our models and build the garment following the needs and tastes of our clients, so also young people enjoy our coats. As well as our suits and jackets our coats have a dandy touch. Handling unique patterns or adapting textiles we are able to enhance this garment with a marked personality.


A quality coat conveys the idea of a refined man of taste. Again attention to details makes a difference. This is the only way to make it possible to produce a unique and inimitable garment.

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