Crimi Tailoring arrives in China

From 9th to 13th of November Crimi Tailoring is introducing its creations in China.
We are going to explain our ideas about sartorial handicraft and men’s clothing that are strongly influenced by Sicily and British mood.

In particular, two events have been organized to introduce our made in Sicily style.

On 9 and 10 November 2017 we are in Beijing, and on 12 and 13 in Shanghai. Our tailoring house is going to be introduced by the prestigious Esquire China magazine. In fact, Mr. Gautier Chen, Esquire China’s fashion director, came twice to Palermo, in our workshop.

He is going to take made in Sicily elegance to this important market. During this event in China clients are going to discover how it feels to enter a tailoring house. We are going to take their measurements and with the clients we are going to choose the fabric that best fits their requirements.

This fills us with pride. Enter a market like the Chinese one means taking made in Sicily beauty into a wider world and export the handicraft of elegance and good taste.