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Cravat, an accessory with a timeless style

Considered a dandy accessory a cravat gives to the wearer a timeless elegance and an original style.
It is a perfect accessory for men who consider style a free and personal way to express themselves. The cravat can complete a casual attire to make it more formal or can be worn with elegant clothes making them less strict. It is a versatile accessory that gives you a modern gentleman look.
The cravat is usually made of silk worn around the neck and tied with a wide knot, but it can be tied in a great number of ways. The best knot is soft, not too close to the neck and with medium volume. The cravat can have various patterns such as paisley, polka-dot or small decorations. It can be of various colours, but almost never in solid colour or striped.
You do not have to match its patterns with your attire. You just have to wear it with confidence and feeling at ease, like any other dandy accessory. The cravat is an accessory for all seasons and it can be used with countless attires.
It was very loved also by George “Beau” Brummel who created the art of tying the cravat around the neck.
Lord Brummel used to wrap it more times around his neck to support his shirts whose collar had to touch the throat of the dandy person. Nowadays the cravat is way more casual and easy.
A similar accessory is ascot or hanker-tie, its shape looks like a tie and is narrower than a cravat. The name ascot comes from the British town where the famous Royal Ascot race, attended by English VIP, takes place.
Also the Duke of Windsor loved to wear ascot, in particular by playing golf. Both ascot and cravat can be tied in different ways, according to your style and fantasy.