covert tessuto

Covert cloth, informal and sophisticated at the same time

It is a versatile and almost immortal fabric. Covert cloth is a strong wool, rustic and sophisticated at the same time. Every garment made of this fabric has an informal and weird look and style.

Covert wool is particularly appropriate to create sport trousers and extremely versatile coats, suitable for any time of the day. It is a very useful fabric. It is crease- and stain-resistant.

It is a combed warp-faced twill wool fabric, namely a textile weave with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs without differences between right and wrong side; moreover, it a smooth, winter weight fabric. Its typical ‘English style’ is the result of jaspé yarn that looks nuanced thanks to the combination of threads of different colours that create shades with various tones and quite irregular look; it can also be the result of a mouliné twist made of two individual threads dyed in contrasting colours twisted together, whose alternation creates a delicate thick effect.

These features approximate it to cavalry twill, the difference is above all the single diagonal rather than double.

Traditional colours are mainly brown, warm colour that highlights the elegance as well as the versatility of this fabric, olive green that makes it more or less casual depending on the matching and grey, one of the most versatile and delightful colours.

Nowadays you can also find blue or beige garments made of covert fabric. Whatever the colour is covert looks always spotted, a feature that creates a specific optical effect. Depending on the light nuances mix together or become clearly nuances. Concerning the traditional covert colours people think that they were chosen because the fabric was used as country wear therefore easily stained with dust or mud.

Only a high quality fabric can be shaped perfectly by the savvy hands of a tailor who can thus create garments suitable for any time of the day and perfect for men who do not want to give up their style and elegance even on most informal or relaxing occasions.

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