english cotton

Cotton, a versatile fabric never dull

In springtime and especially in summertime choosing the textile for your clothing becomes a crucial decision.

A good tailor must be able to create a custom-made suit that is as comfortable as possible and stylish. Natural textiles are the only ones that assure the best results. Natural fibres, the only ones we use in our tailor’s shop, allow the best perspiration and guarantee a perfect modelling of the fabric.

Cotton more than any other textile makes you think of summer, but they are not all the same. Although, it is one of the most used and produced fabrics, there are a lot of differences between the various types of cotton. The finest one is definitely English cotton that is perfect to make a sartorial suit because of the length and thickness of its fibres.

Choosing a fine cotton is fundamental to succeed in making a good suit. Solely a very good fibre follows the body in all its movements. A fine cotton, moreover, lasts longer, therefore who wears a suit can be sure that it is going to be wearable for a long time.

Cotton is breathable, soft and comfortable so it is the ideal for those who require lightness in summer. Using cotton does not mean at all that we give up originality. The quality of the fibre and the workmanship of the suit make a difference. Thanks to the careful attention paid to details, which only a good tailor can offer, a cotton suit becomes an exclusive garment that perfectly meets the requirements and needs of the customer.

If you want an informal suit, cotton gives you a wide choice of colours and patterns to build an easygoing outfit that is, however, elegant in formal occasion.

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