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Autumn/Winter in the tailor’s shop, the importance of best textiles

Making a suit there are a lot of things you have to consider that play a key role. Of course, choosing the textile is very important.

The tailor who creates a suit shapes the textiles with his very hands. He gives them a new life and a soul. In order to do this he needs a fabric which he can mold and transform following the time and tradition skills he has learned.

Well aware of the importance of choosing the textiles we use only fabric wholly made of natural fibres and we relentlessly search excellence. Autumn/Winter textiles must meet various requirements. Firstly, as every high quality textile we have chosen to create our suits, it ought to perfectly mold to the body. Secondly, in winter it must be soft, keep an ideal warmth while the skin naturally perspires and regulate body temperature without overheating the wearer. A the same time, style is of primary importance, it must be sophisticated and exceptional.

The textiles we use are chosen among the best Italian and English fabrics.

Teased fabrics. During the coldest winters you can choose among a lot of soft, comfortable, warm, teased fabrics. Teased fabrics look puffier and thicker. This cloth is made of shorter fibres that tend to show up on the yarn and make it look fuller. It makes you feel comfortable and warm even by looking at it. Among the teased fabrics cashmere has the seat of honour.

Cashmere. Cashmere is one of the most prized textiles. This extraordinary yarn engages the senses. It is light, soft and precious to the touch. The hand of the tailor can make it really remarkable.
English textiles play a leading role when you choose a cloth. These yarns are versatile and protean, they always convey the idea of ‘gentleman’, always in, never banal.

Tweed. Tweed is the most adjusted and adapted English textile, made of pure virgin wool and very strong. Traditionally it is gray and black, nowadays you can find it in a wide range of colours and patterns, from houndstooth to overcheck.

Glen plaid. For those who are keen on dandy style glen plaid, sometimes nicknamed the Prince of Wales check, is a must. The design creates big square windows that contain check or houndstooth patterns.

Tasmania. Tasmania textile is made from the best merino wool from Australia. It is a very strong textile but also greatly valued. It perfectly molds to the body shape and allows any move. It is highly appreciated because it is excellent at regulating body temperature keeping an ideal warmth without overheating the wearer.

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