The wedding suit

The wedding suit: elegance, uniqueness and exclusivity

Elegance, sophistication, tradition and originality have always been the secret of our work. Though for many people these traits are essential in everyday life, they become even more so in one of the most important days in the life of every human being: the wedding.

Our bridegroom is suspended, just like our style, between tradition and innovation. We, in a spirit of self-sacrifice, let us indulge his taste and his natural inclination, becoming a reality his desire.

The prince amongst the clothing for this event is certainly the most elegant: the tight. An important and formal garment. Suitable for solemn ceremonies, immediately gives to the wearer an aura of exclusivity. It is also called morning dress, since it should not be wear more than the 6 p.m..

The suit is made up of three pieces. The jacket, gray anthracite or “London fog” or black, follows the hips and has a single button. Short front, back is extended with two tails that go down soft to the calf. The pants are in shades of gray or black, just pinstripes, straight and without turn-up.

From the tailoring point of view, it is a suit very “technical”. A good tight envisages an impeccable cut, perfect technique, with a game of cuts and darts very accurate. Must be screwed but with free movements. We always advise you not to wear a tight if it is not really a tight of excellent quality. If not better to give to a garment like that.

The alternative to tight, at the same level, is the half tight perfect for elegant ceremonies, but less opulent. The difference with tight regard to the jacket, which does not provide the side flounces, the so-called “tail”. The waistcoat present in both models will be light colour, single-breasted or double-breasted.
For the bridegroom who wants to wear other models we suggest the two-button single-breasted suits with notch lapels, no vents and no turn-up at the bottom of the pants. Small details that give more character to the garment, making it unique.

For the bridegrooms who want to sound less formal and more “easy-going” we suggest the single-breasted with 3/2 roll lapel.

A dilemma for the groom suits that are not tight or half tight is given by the choice of the colour between blue and gray. The tradition dictates the use of gray, but we prefer the blue tints.
In any case, the cloths must be the most prestigious. The noble Tasmanie, the Blazon and in general all the super combing reign supreme. Sometimes the cloths are embellished with a small percentage of silk that makes it even more the creation unique.

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