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The tuxedo: timeless elegance.

The formal suit par excellence, symbol of unending elegance. The tuxedo is a timeless classic that lasts despite the changing fashions, keeping unaltered its undeniable charm.


smokingThe unique tuxedo jacket can be single- or double-breasted, without vents and with pointed or shawl lapels. It seems it was the famous duke of Windsor who made popular the model with shawl lapels.

The colours we use are the typical black, midnight blue and white for eccentrics. Trousers are strictly without turn-ups, never white and have a characteristic silk stripe along the outseams. The shirt is distinguished by specific vertical pleats on the front that go down to the waist.


In order to complete the suit you definitely need a bow tie, which the etiquette requires to be always solid black and hand-tied, a sash covering the waist and highly-polished shoes.smoking donna


Every single detail is utterly relevant. The tuxedo is a suit whose name itself means “gentleman”. Indeed, during the Victorian era smoking jackets were used by aristocrats when they entered smoking rooms. The jackets protected their clothes from the smell of tobacco that could have annoyed the ladies.


Tuxedo is supposed to be worn always after 6:00 p.m. and is usually chosen only if required on the invitation. It is extremely formal, therefore, only a tailor-made one can perfectly fit the body shape of the man wearing it.

That is the only way you can wear your suit with self-confidence, without the risk of common style lapses.

Even the slightest mistake, a neglected detail is likely to spoil the whole suit.

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