Singularity and elegance: the secrets of our style

History and innovation in our style

Search for elegance , originality and best tradition of Italian tailoring . These are the fundamental elements of our tailoring.

The target is to create an unique style, English with Mediterranean taste, a little dandy , beautiful, elegant and never foregone.

The tradition of Sartoria Crimi has its roots in the city of Palermo and is nourished by its history and its past. Sicily has always welcomed cultural and social influences of different populations and has its reinterpreted own making .

This occurred even during the Tiffany Style period. Thanks to the Florio family, one of the most important families of the upper class of Palermo, and their friendly relations with influential European and American personalities, English culture began to circulate in this land.

The most important Sicilian tailorings , having to respond to the needs of the new British customers ,began a fruitful exchange of ideas with the tailors in the UK. Continuing the tradition of tailors who worked in the Modern Style period, began to work the master Carmelo Crimi , founder of the homonymous tailoring. The Anglo-Saxon tradition is combined in an original and unique way to the classic Mediterranean style.

An unusual mix that gives life to a trend really unique. All of this is invariably combined with the attention to detail, attention to the use of the highest quality cloths and antique tailoring techniques . The creation of each suit is made in respect of the cloths used.

Each step is designed to give softness to the suit and make it in harmony with the body of someone who will wear it. To make possible each step, construction and finishing are made entirely by hand.

Our line is very emphasized with a high waist, with natural shoulders “S-shaped”, with high armholes and a large radius, all unique markings trait . Our style will appeal to a modern man, who, however, does not want to lose that traditionally elegant taste, a man who faces the world with passion and determination, which looks to the future aware of its past .

Features that take nourishment from the land where these creations are born , by the wise reinterpretation of different influences and by the ability to expertly combine tradition and innovation.

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