Sartoria Crimi at “Pitti Immagine Uomo”

On the occasion of “Pitti Immagine Uomo” on the evening of 19 june, in the splendid setting of the terrace on the historical restaurant “La Loggia” situated in Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, we had the pleasure of organizing an event to show some of our handcrafted high fashion creations to our guests, who had come for the occasion from Japan, Scotland and France. The evening was made all the more enjoyable by a typical Florentine dinner and with a final surprise: a wonderful cake in the shape of a jacket, with regimental tie and breast pocket handkerchief.

Among the guests who greatly appreciated our creation was the noted japanese fashion opinion leader Yukio Akamine to whom we offer our special thanks for his great organizational support. Our Thanks also go to the following: the deisgner Aki Nagai, who collaborated with great professionalism, the journalists Yukio Fujita, Kotaro Nakajima, Katsumi Yabe, Takafumi Kobayashi, So Ichikawa, the managers of United Arrows LTD George Toyonaga, Masato Koyama e Kenichi Hatsuta, the noted chef and restauranter Hiroshi Watatami together with Atsushi Ide, an expert on men’s high fashion, mrs Noriko Nishida, head of public relations of Herno and Harrys of London, Richard Boydé, sales manager of Dormeuil, miss Kagami Yukari, director of Dormeuil Japan, Errico Errico, Dormeuil’s Italian agent, the Scottish entrepreneur Charles Innes, manager of Hunters Tweed, and Peter Johnson, fashion designer.

To all off them we extend our heartfelt thanks for their great help.

Some photos of the event:

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