Tasmania merino wool, the excellence of a versatile cloth

Refined and light, “tasmania” textile is obtained from the best Australian wool.


The extremely fine fibers can be used to create really precious models and to produce very light clothing. Tasmania wool comes from the merino sheep that lives in Tasmania, where thanks to temperate climate, to vast room, to unspoilt nature and to very rich food higher quality wool can grow. This is the area where the best air quality, which considerably affects the quality of the thread, can be found.


From this wool, which is mainly processed by Italian manufacture and exported all over the world, can be obtained a textile particularly loved by those who, like us, wants high quality raw materials that can be easily shaped by the skilled hands of master tailors.


Of course, the processing must consider the quality features of Tasmania wool. Solely the traditional processing techniques of the textile, which are based on artisan workmanship avoiding as much as possible machine work, can enhance such a precious raw material. The skilled ability of the tailor and the best natural fibers, like Tasmania wool, make it possible to obtain unique garments that can meet very high quality standards. Thanks to its fine fibers suits can be created that are not a burden to who is going to wear them. Its textile perfectly adapts to the shape of the body and allows any movement. It is a very strong textile but nevertheless refined and light.


It is highly appreciated because it is excellent at regulating body temperature keeping an ideal warmth without overheating the wearer. The body can reach the best temperature while the skin naturally perspires. An extraordinary textile, adaptable to any season and utterly soft at touch.

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