The Sartoria Crimi and foreign market

The Sartoria Crimi and foreign market. Our workroom chosen from the demanding Japanese and European customers.

The Sartoria Crimi has for years collaborated with the foreign market: especially European and Asian market.

By becoming a bastion of Made in Italy strongly rooted in the best traditions of tailoring and attention to detail, the workroom in via Civiletti has managed to open up a profitable inroads into the hard Asian market, especially Japanese.

The Japanese clientele is made up of buyers very careful, demanding and extremely competent.

Several times the Sartoria Crimi hosted customers who have come from Japan in our workroom to be making a tailor-made clothes.

It is rare for Japanese buyers make random random purchases. Each of their purchase is preceded by close research. Being very sensitive to the quality of the products, looking for the best boutiques in the area of expertise. Precisely for this reason, be chosen from a so highly selective clientele can undoubtedly be considered a great proof of the quality of one’s own work.

This kind of customer pay a great attention to the process of construction of the suit, intervening already from the choice of cloths, which must meet a strict quality criteria. The favorite are especially noblest cloths of English and Italian tradition.

They prefer a fancy style, that play with the colours in a somewhat dandy style, maintaining that elegance and refinement that distinguishes the creations of our tailoring.

Research in tailoring field, made ​​by Japanese experts, have meant that the Crimi Sartoria was inserted by the magazine Men’s Ex, point of reference in the fashion industry, in a ranking of the top sixteen European tailors.

Our works were also mentioned by the Japanese national newspaper Asahi Shinbun, by the magazine Begin and many fashion blogs.

These important certificates of merit are undoubtedly the starting point for our tailoring is chosen by many Asian buyers.

Another moment of encounter and engagement with the foreign market was undoubtedly represented by the famous event “Pitti Immagine Uomo”. On 19 June 2013, in the magnificent terrace of the historic restaurant “La Loggia” in piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, our tailoring organized an event to showcase some of the creations of craftsmanship Haute Couture to its guests, who came from Japan, Scotland and France.
The event was very successful and has certainly established relationships with the foreign market.

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