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Cashmere, the charm of elegance and sophistication

It is one of the finest textiles, cashmere means style and refinement all along. This textile tells a faraway and unique story that enhances its value already acknowledged by people of the past centuries, who, therefore, called it “golden fleece”.


“Hircus” goats, which are the ones the precious textile is obtained from, are bred in a rugged area between Afghanistan, India, China and Mongolia. From these arduous grazing lands, where chilly winds blow and the climate is harsh, arises this extraordinary thread.


Mongolian tribes used cashmere for their cloths already in 12th century, but only since 18th century this yarn has been known in the West. Indeed, the soldiers of the East India Company brought to England cloths made of cashmere. Then the yarn was exported to France and to the rest of Europe.


The undercoat, which the yarn is obtained from, is taken only once a year through a combing process, which is safe for the animals. Such a precious raw material must be handled with respect for its history.

Only the skilful hands of the master tailors can create the thread and make authentic and unique garments. Through the traditional sartorial technique cashmere can keep giving its beloved and unmistakable lightness.


An extraordinary textile, cashmere can engage your senses. Not only your eyes but also your touch will be able to try the preciousness and lightness of the cloth. The hands of the tailor are able to give a soul to the this unique textile, beyond its material features.


It is extremely versatile, in fact it can be used not only in winter but also in spring thanks to a special processing that makes the textile lighter.

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